sustainable energy 2019This U4Society Summer School 'Systems and Resources for Sustainable Energy' was hosted by Uppsala University from 28-30 August 2019 and focused on the roles and interplay of energy systems, resources and new technology in areas of key importance for sustainable energy development.

The summer course involved 18 students (of which 1 from Göttingen, 7 from Groningen and 10 from Uppsala. The students had a diverse background, ranging from theoretical and experimental physics, over earth sciences and electronics, to material sciences, chemistry and biology.

An intense program covered different aspects of sustainability and energy systems. There were two lecture contributions by Ghent University professors, in addition to the ones from Uppsala. The study visits to Vattenfall and Vasakronan were very appreciated by the students. There was also time for some social activities, such as a visit to the Gustavianum and a course dinner.

Summer School Ageing Brain 2019 Uppsala University hosted this year’s U4Society Summer School ‘The Ageing Brain’ from 25 to 31 August 2019.

During a full week 22 Master and PhD students from Groningen, Göttingen, Ghent and Uppsala gathered in the Rudbeck Laboratory where they took part of lectures and workshops related to “The Ageing Brain”. Lecturers and Instructors from the four universities highlighted preclinical as well as clinical aspects of neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders.

As a more interactive part of the program the students were given an opportunity to also present their own research during a digital poster session. Moreover, the participants were given a guided tour in one of the original buildings of the University where everyone could enjoy one of the world’s oldest preserved anatomical theatres, established by the famous Swedish scientist Olof (Olaus) Rudbeck (1630-1702). A boat tour on the lake of Mälaren with a guided visit to Skokloster, a 17th century Baroque castle, was also included in the programme.

hasco 2019This year’s "Hadron Collider Physics Summer School - HASCO 2019" took place from 21 July to 26 July 2019 in Göttingen, Germany.

Founded in 2012, this is the eigth consecutive year that this dynamic, international school, primarily aimed at Master's students, has been offered.

This year, 46 undergraduate students from 18 different institutes in fourteen countries came together for a full week to learn about hadron collider physics. The institutes involved include: Bologna, Pisa in Italy; Ghent in Belgium; Eindhoven in the Netherlands; Bonn, Freiburg, Siegen and Göttingen in Germany; Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Manchester in the UK; Bucharest in Romania; Santiago de Compostela in Spain; Prague in the Czech Republic; Geneva in Switzerland; Bergen in Norway; Stockholm and Uppsala in Sweden; Beijing in China; Ohio in the USA; Johannesburg in South Africa.

sdg4At the Summer School 'Creating a Climate for Change' - Lecturer Edition: U4 for SDG4 - (Groningen, 2-5 June 2019), we focus on the central theme of sustainability education; we critically analyze our experiences, share our best practices and develop new solutions a series of participatory and interactive workshops.

The aim of this summer school is to train lecturers so that they are able to convey sustainability knowledge/skills to their students. We ask participants to bring in their cases and experiences. Over the course of the two-and-a-half-day school the cases may cover a whole arry of topics. 

sustainable-energy-2018In this summer school, we will focus on the roles and interplay of energy systems, resources and new technology in areas of key importance for sustainable energy development.

Since various economic and political considerations are likely to be central in forming our future energy system, during the course we also want to elucidate the technical possibilities against the backdrop of likely economic and political realities. 

familyethics 2019From 12 till 18 August 2019 hosts the 3rd edition of the summer school 'What About the Family? - Ethical Issues in Health Care'. The focus of this summer school is especially on questions related to person-centered and shared decision making, screening (from preconception till adult screening) healthy ageing and ‘end of life care’.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, also PhDs and Postdocs working in the field of ethics are invited to take part, as well as those working in health care (public health) more broadly: communication, sociology and medical anthropology.

Summer School Ageing Brain 2019This year’s annual U4Society Summer School ‘The Ageing Brain’ will be hosted by Uppsala University from 25 to 31 August 2019. Each of the programme days focuses on a different theme such as Ageing Research, neurodegeneration or protein aggregation.

The participants have the opportunity to attend interesting lectures, to take part in workshops and to discuss their own research with experts in their fields. The programme is aimed at Master students and junior PhD students, who have a specific interest in neuroscience and the challenges of ageing.

For further information please see the programme.

Summer School Molecular Genetics and Zoology 2019The SPIRIT Summer School on 'Molecular Genetics in Zoology' will take place at the University of Göttingen from 16 to 19 September 2019 (see poster). The Summer School offers 3-days of hands on training on the use of RNAseq, RNAi, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing and situ hybridization. It is targeted at PhD student or postdocs who work on projects with an emerging or novel animal model with a focus on protostomes. All participants will develop their own experimental plan and have the opportunity to discuss their projects with experts from Göttingen and other invited speakers. Basic skills in molecular work are required.

The Göttingen Symposium on ‘Frontiers in Molecular Zoology’ takes place from 19 to 20 September 2019 immediately following the SPRIT Summer School. At this 2-day symposium, we bring together renowned international scientists who study genes and their involvement in all kinds of zoological phenomena. All PIs, postdocs and PhD students interested in Zoology are invited to participate.

Physics UGOE smallThe HASCO Summer School 2019 will take place at the University of Göttingen from 21 to 26 July 2019.

The main objectives of the hadron collider physics school (HASCO) are introductory topics in elementary particle physics, in particular in hadron collider physics as relevant for research at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This includes lectures and tutorials on theoretical foundations of the Standard Model of elementary particle physics as well as experimental techniques to test it. Furthermore, a focus is placed on statistical data analysis and an introduction to the software package ROOT. In addition, students will have the opportunity to discuss state of the art measurements and results with senior scientists in the field

Groningen Summer Schools 2019 1 smallThe University of Groningen is delighted to publicise this year’s offering of research-intensive and multidisciplinary summer and winter schools.

A truly international experience; last year over 1500 students from 115 different nationalities joined the courses! Quite some U4 students and PhD were among the participants and got a flavour of studying abroad, making friends and building a professional network.

Check them out on

Law Faculty Summer UGOE smallThe University of Göttingen is proud to announce its established programme offering of academic short-term courses for international students during semester breaks.

The intensive full-time courses provide excellent opportunities to further develop your knowledge and gain academic credits without missing lectures at home. We offer courses in various academic disciplines, all designed to broaden basic and advanced knowledge. Additionally, our programmes give you the opportunity to approach your subject from a new perspective, to develop your skills and knowledge and extend your international experience by meeting a wide range of like-minded people from different cultures around the world

health-migration-right-2018The summer schools are explicitly open for students, post-graduates and PhD students from different nationalities and disciplinary backgrounds: Medicine and Health Sciences, Psychology, Law, Political and Social Sciences and Linguistics and Philosophy...The Ghent University Medical Students Association from Ghent University is proud to announce two international student summer programmes, taking place from 7-18 July, 2019 at Ghent University (Belgium) covering the topics of 'Reproductive Health & Rights' and 'Health & Migration'.

Both student-driven programmes are organized in close cooperation with Prof. Piet Hoebeke (Dean Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) and Porf. Olivier Degomme (Scientific Director of the International Centre for Reproductive Health).

sustainability-summer-2018From 9 till 13 July Groningen hosted the first edition of the interdisciplinary U4 Summer School 'Creating a Climate for Change'.

Nineteen highly motivated students from fourteen different nationalities worked on real-life cases brought forward by the U4 partners.

In order to help them think about the cases, they attended lectures by experts from different disciplines: some being more theoretical, others more in the form of practical exercises. The students worked a.o. on Urban Farming (Uppsala), Digital Participation towards Sustainability (Ghent), and Greening the City (Groningen).

gender-2018At the height of a record hot summer, 15 PhD and MA students from Ghent, Groningen, Göttingen and Uppsala gathered at the centre for Gender Research in Uppsala for the second summer school in Gender Studies organized within the U4 network. 

For this edition the course was organized around the ever-timely theme of Methods, Methodologies and Ethics: Complexities and Responsibilities in Doing Gender Research.

fieldschool-2018During three weeks, between July 16 and August 4, a team of Bachelor and Master students of Ghent University, Groningen University, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, and Uppsala Universitet participated in a Fieldschool Material Culture in Thorikos (Attika, GR).

This highly important aspect, leading up to the publication, has always been the poor cousin within the archaeological chaîne opératoire. Students normally prefer excavation with the thrill of discovery and the unexpected. As we had a small excavation with a team from Utrecht University running at the same time, focusing upon the suspected city wall of Thorikos, however, students could still change over in a rotation scheme.

sustainable-energy-2018Within the cluster for Science and Technology a 2nd U4 Summer School for PhD students in the cycle 'Energy, Sustainability and Society' will take place at Uppsala University from 28 till 30 August 2018 on the theme: 'Materials for sustainable energy applications'.

The course focuses on current materials research and technology development in areas of key importance for sustainable energy. Invited lecturers from research and industry will provide an overview of the state of the art as well as key questions in their fields of expertise.

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