groningen-academybuilding-smallOn 25-26 November 2010, the Department of Scandinavian Linguistics and Literature of the University of Groningen will host the 'Scandinavistendagen/Skandinavistdagarna', the biennial conference for Scandinavian Studies in the Dutch-speaking region.

The symposium will consist of two parts: on 25 November the closing conference of the 'Peripheral Autonomy? Longitudinal analyses of cultural transfer in the literary fields of small language communities' project (a cooperation with the University of Ghent and the University of Uppsala) will be held.

This 'closing' conference will not be a definitive end to the 'peripheral' theme, though! At this conference, a research agenda for the study of cultural transmission as a survival strategy for small language communities will be formulated.

On 26 November survival strategies from a linguistic perspective will be the main topic. Here, research on receptive multilingualism in Scandinavia will be presented.

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