Video Sustainable Research Projects UGOEFollowing the sustainability strategy of the University of Göttingen it is important to open up the university, seek collaboration of knowledge transfer as well as to interact with society in order to tackle global challenges.

With the strong support of the U4 partners, the Green Office Göttingen has now developed a video concept that highlights the sustainable engagement of Göttingen's scientists in the global context.

The first series of videos illustrates the question where the popular spice Vanilla comes from and displays the projects scientists from Göttingen engage with in Madagascar.

qualitativemethods-2018In the framework of the Ghent-base project 'Established and Emerging Methods: Uses and Variation', a two-day seminar was organized with the main emphasis on qualitative research methods, both established and emerging, as undertaken by doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers and senior professors. The seminar involved academics from three of the U4 universities: Ghent, Uppsala and Groningen.

The aim of the seminar was two-fold. On the one hand it sought to produce an inventory of practices and approaches in qualitative research across U4 universities. On the other hand, it aimed at generating a scientific community between researchers, upon which a long-term collaboration can be built.

NHK Gttingen 2018The concept of sustainable development is now widely recognised in politics, society and science. The declared aim is that people living today can satisfy their needs without risking that future generations will no longer be able to do so. It is all about ecological sustainability, social justice, economic sustainability and citizens' participation in shaping social and political processes. 'Bildung' plays a key role in this. For this reason, the foundation stone of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) was laid at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in the Agenda 21. This was followed by international initiatives such as the UN Decade for ESD (2005-2014) and the World ESD Action Programme.

The conference deals with the concept of sustainability, prepares objectives and approaches of ESD and provides a forum for exchanging views on the opportunities and challenges of ESD.

Afternoon Tea Uppsala 2018On a rainy and windy September day in Uppsala, 21 U4 students gathered for an afternoon-tea organized by the International Office. The overall aim was to raise awareness and knowledge about the different U4 universities and the U4-network, the Career Services of Uppsala University and of course to meet and exchange experiences with other exchange students. As Uppsala is striving to increase the number of outgoing students to the other U4 universities, this event was one idea to promote U4 and it turned out to be an appreciated one.