layelites 2019Laity, in the Middle Ages, tends to be seen as ‘the other’. When we encounter the term in our sources it often draws attention to what someone is not: ordained, Latinate, educated.

However, no one would suggest that only clerics shaped medieval culture and partook in its expressions. This workshop will explore ‘the other culture’ and ask about the agents, forms and impulses that it incorporated.

tmun tartu2019In the course of the spring semester several events took place in the framework of the U4 Student Network that brought together student representatives of all partner institutions: peer visits from Groningen and Tartu to Ghent, the annual U4SN meeting and the Tartu Model United Nations.

Dream JobWith the support of the U4 partners, the Green Office Göttingen has developed a video concept that highlights the sustainable engagement of Göttingen's scientists in the global context and the general contribution of universities in conveying the importance of sustainable development.

The video 'Dream Job: International Research Career' illustrates the societal role universities and scientists play for a sustainable future. Furthermore, the video raises questions such as 'Which challenges do scientists face nowadays?', 'What opportunities do young scientists have?' and 'What personal aspects are important for a career in research?'.

Visual Processing Gttingen 2019 smallThe workshop 'The Influences of Motivation and Emotion on Visual Processing' brought together junior and senior researchers in cognitive psychology and neuroscience from Göttingen (host), Groningen and Ghent, as well as a number of external speakers and PhD students from six other universities world-wide.

The two-day workshop was focused on the work-in-progress of PhD students and Postdocs who presented and discussed their findings, in order to get further input by their peers and the participating senior scientists. 

Africa 2019 GroningenSince 2018 members of the U4Society network have been working together on intensifying the cooperation with higher education institutions in Africa, and subsequently established the U4Society Africa Initiative in the course of 2019 with the aim of enhancing the joint collaboration with African HEIs

On on June 5, 2019 staff members of Ghent, Göttingen and Groningen have met together with African PhD students from the participating institutions in the framework of a workshop on African-European Cooperation on occasion of the Groningen lustrum conference. Ms. Beth Yoder (University of Groningen), expert on intercultural relations, prepared a tailored-made workshop addressing themes such as 'what is cultural identity', 'how to visualize culture' and 'how to build trust in an international, intercultural setting'.