The aim of the U4 Research Network 'Ageing Brain' / European 'Ageing Brain' Network is to study early hallmarks and diagnosis of normal and abnormal brain ageing. This strategic partnership is a preferential, but not an exclusive U4 cooperation. Since 2008 several universities

The U4 OSMYO network is dedicated to studies of the involvement of Osmoprotective Mechanisms in Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies and their link to autoimmunity. Many pathological mechanisms underlying this heterogeneous group of muscle diseases remain poorly

Thin film research has moved from simple oxide thin film materials towards thin films with a high chemical complexity and microstructure. This high level research asks for in-depth analysis tools and new deposition strategies in combination with simulations.

The study of cultural transfer and transmission is a relatively new research line within the broader context of literary history and cultural studies. Already before the start of the U4 scholars were working together in inter alia the internationalizing project 'Peripheral autonomy?

The U4 study catalogue lists the joint programmes between two or more U4 institutions. The joint programmes are arranged by host (Ghent, Göttingen, Groningen, Uppsala) and by field of study (Economics, Humanities, Law, Life Sciences, Science and Technology, Social Sciences).

The aim of this programme is to promote the teaching and research of Taiwan Studies within Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Professorial fellows from Taiwan will teach a course on an aspect of International Relations in an East Asian context. As well as teaching and researching in the

The Legal Research Network (LRN) was founded in 2006 by the faculties of law of the Universities of Groningen, Turku and Uppsala. The Universities of Bristol, Budapest (ELTE), Ghent, Göttingen and Lille-Nord de France have since joined the network. The LRN aims to improve the international

The cluster of Humanities chose Multilingualism as a focal theme to unite different departments. After a research proposal on urban multilingualism, the topic was explored at an annual workshop for established researchers and PhD students in Göttingen in 2014 on "Creating multilingual

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