Physics UGOE smallThe HASCO Summer School 2018 will take place at the University of Göttingen from 22 to 27 July 2018.

The main objectives of the hadron collider physics school (HASCO) are introductory topics in elementary particle physics, in particular in hadron collider physics as relevant for research at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This includes lectures and tutorials on theoretical foundations of the Standard Model of elementary particle physics as well as experimental techniques to test it. Furthermore, a focus is placed on statistical data analysis and an introduction to the software package ROOT. In addition, students will have the opportunity to discuss state of the art measurements and results with senior scientists in the field

thorikos-2017From 16 July till 4 August a fourth edition of the 'Field School Greek Material Culture' will take place in Thorikos. The field school is open for Ba, Ma and PhD students and involves specialists in material culture of the Thorikos site from Athens, Ghent and Göttingen.

The field school offers students an excellent opportunity to acquire real field work experience with excavations, aracheological prospects and different categories of material findings covering a broad chronological spectrum.

religion-2018After a successful first edition of the U4 Summer School Religion in Groningen last year, it is our pleasure to invite the PhD students of our four universities to Ghent, for an exciting 2nd U4 Summer School Religion on the topical theme of 'Exclusivity, inclusivity and pluralism'.

In the multidisciplinary study of religion the highly divergent ways in which religions – past and contemporary – have responded to types of otherness, constitute a topic of longstanding scholarly fascination and inquiry. With regard to the theme of interreligious encounters, there is a rich variety of concepts, theories, and methods that have been developed to understand the dialogues, transformations, adaptations, and conflicts taking place when religions meet.

winterschool-athens-2018From 6-11 March 2018 the 9th U4 Winter School 'Antiquity' takes place in Athens on the central theme 'Complexity and Hybridity'.

As in the previous editions the central theme of the Winter School is approached in an interdisclinary way. Hence, the Winter School gathers PhD students and senior scholars from various academic disciplines of the four partner universities: archaeologists, religious historians, philosophers, historians, linguists and filologists.

One of the main objectives of the Winter School is to give doctoral students the opportunity to present their research projects to an international group of peers and to get feedback from experienced scholars on their work-in-progress. In addition, there is also attention for acquiring formal conference skills such as presentation techniques, chairing sessions, and such more.

University Main Building Uppsala smallFrom 30 July to 03 August 2018 the 2nd Interdisciplinary U4 Summer School in Gender Studies 'Methods and Methodologies: Complexities and Responsibilities in Gender Research' for PhD students will take place in Uppsala, Sweden.

Feminist research has a long tradition of critiquing conventional "objective" sciences and knowledge production. In gender studies, such critique continues to develop, and reflexivity is often a taken-for-granted aspect of the research. However, Gender research is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary field. This raises particular questions around choices and uses of research methods; the long history of critique also foregrounds the responsibility of the researcher.