Ageing BrainFrom August 26 till September 1 the University of Groningen hosts the 'NEU4EU Translational Neurosciences Summer School 'Ageing Brain' - approaches to investigate brain ageing. The Summer School is open to PhD students with a special interest in normal and abnormal ageing of the brain. The emphasis of the course will be on neurodegenerative diseases and the discovery/development on new (detection/imaging) technology and treatments.

aula kleinThe goal of the conference is to foster cooperation between individual researchers, groups, and institutes across the U4 universities.

The joint conference is labelled "bazaar". This means that participants are invited to show what they have "on offer" - what it is that they focus on in their research - and shop around in order to meet new contacts in their field of study.

The conference topic "Global governance and regulation" is meant to be interpreted broadly. As a theme it mainly relates to social sciences, law and economics, but also other approaches are most welcome!

Logo UGOEThe University of Göttingen celebrates its 275th anniversary. The university was established in 1737 the spirit of the Enlightenment. It gained prominence when seven professors protested against the withdrawal of liberty rights in 1837. This group, the 'Göttingen Seven' paved the way for others and their courage to defend academic freedom and to voice protest. In 1957, a group, the 'Göttingen 18' voiced their opposition to the government's plan for nuclear armament of the armed forces.

The university celebrates its anniversary with various events during the week of May 29 – June 1. The week includes academic events, but also a festival for staff, and sports and cultural events. The exhibition "Objects of Knowledge" will open with a preview exhibition on June 2, and the university is expecting more than 500 international alumnis who have been invited to return to Göttingen for the celebrations.

Richard DawkinsOn Thursday January 12 the University of Groningen organizes a webcast of a lecture by evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawnkins, entitled 'Darwin's Five Bridges'.

On 12 and 13 January 2012, Richard Dawkins will be the guest of honour at the official opening ceremony of the Linnaeusborg (Nijenborgh 7). Since 2011, the new building has been home to teaching and research in biology and life sciences for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

The lecture can be followed in three lecture halls at the University of Groningen and will be transmitted via live streaming to the partner universities of the U4 network.

UppsalaOn Tue 13 December Uppsala university organizes a webcast of the Nobel Lectures.

The lectures of the 2011 Nobel Laureates can be followed in 'real time' through the links below. They will also be available on the web for later viewing.

         At 11.00 Bruce A. Beutler, Medicine

         At 10.30 Brian P. Smith, Physics
         At 11.20 Saul Perlmutter, Physics