University Main Building Uppsala smallFrom 30 July to 03 August 2018 the 2nd Interdisciplinary U4 Summer School in Gender Studies 'Methods and Methodologies: Complexities and Responsibilities in Gender Research' for PhD students will take place in Uppsala, Sweden.

Feminist research has a long tradition of critiquing conventional "objective" sciences and knowledge production. In gender studies, such critique continues to develop, and reflexivity is often a taken-for-granted aspect of the research. However, Gender research is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary field. This raises particular questions around choices and uses of research methods; the long history of critique also foregrounds the responsibility of the researcher.

The summer school will highlight the particular challenges in gender research by foregrounding four areas:

Method and ethics:How are method and ethics related? What do we mean by ethics? How do different definitions of ethics influence the work we do?

Method and theory: How do choices of theory and method affect each other? How do theoretical points of departure affect method and vice versa? Can theoretical perspectives function asmethod?

Data collection and analysis: How do we work concretely with "material"? How do we think about responsibility when collecting and analyzing data?

Inter-/cross-/multi-/post-disciplinarities: In what ways do the disciplinary particularities of gender studies affect method and methodology, and facilitate or hinder choices or directions?

The summer school is open to PhD students in gender studies and PhD students in other disciplines whose projects have a gender perspective. Participants must be enrolled at oneof the U4 partner universities. MA students may apply but priority will be given to PhD students. Maximum number of participants: 16 (4 per partner university).

Participants are expected to read assigned literature and submit a short paper linked to their PhD project and relevant to the theme of the summer school in advance of the course. Course credits (7.5 ECTS) are awarded by the student's home university upon request.

The program will include:

- Poster presentations

- Individual presentations of research

- Master classes with invited scholars

- Peer group discussions of PhD projects

- Readings

- Writing assignments

- Social program in and around Uppsala

The fee for participants is 100 EURO, which includes lunches, coffees, excursion, and one dinner. Travel and housing is covered by the home university.

Extended Deadline for application is February 23rd, 2018. The applications should include:

a) an abstract for a paper where the theme of the summer school is related to the PhD project

b) a letter of motivation

c) contact information

Applications should be sent to:
Helena Wahlström Henriksson
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The programme (pdf) and the call (pdf) are available for download.

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