sustainability-lawThe Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen organizes the 10th annual Legal Research Network Conference on 13-15 September 2017 in cooperation with the Faculties of Law of the Universities of Bristol, Budapest (ELTE), Ghent, Göttingen, Groningen, Lille–Nord de France, Turku and Uppsala. The central theme of the conference is 'Law and Sustainability'. 

The conferences of the Legal Research Network (LRN) offer a common space for both senior and junior scholars to present and discuss their research in a friendly and stimulating international environment, which transcends the traditional boundaries of the legal sub-disciplines.

sselFrom 29 until 30 May, the third edition of the Social Sciences, Economics and Law (SSEL) Cluster Conference was hosted by Uppsala. 50 years after the UNHCR Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees came into force, the core theme of this year's meeting was 'On the Move – Exploring Contemporary Dynamics of Migration'.

The conference brought together more than 120 PhD students and researchers with the aim of disseminating ongoing research, stimulating new research cooperations and providing a forum for innovative and multi-disciplinary approaches and critical reflection.

There were more than 50 contributions divided over 11 panels, touching upon the many dimensions of the dynamics of migration in our present society. This being said, the conference also addressed today's global challenges of refugeedom.

University Main Building Uppsala smallUppsala University invites paper proposals for a U4 Cluster Conference Social Sciences, Economics and Law (SSEL) 'On the Move – Exploring Contemporary Dynamics of Migration', hosted by Uppsala University, 29-30 May 2017.

The SSEL Conference 2017 aims to bring together researchers and PhD students from the participating universities on topics specifically addressing today's global challenges for societies. The conference theme of the contemporary dynamics of migration operates at many levels in society. It involves challenges emanating from different kinds of population movements, influencing issues of borders, governance, legislation, labour, health, mediation of refugeedom, among others.

rectors-2016On 11 and 12 November the University of Groningen hosted the IXth U4 Rectors' Conference. The annual Rectors' Conference forms the setting for the yearly evaluation and planning of the U4 strategic partnership.

As in previouw editions the four rectors took the occasion to focus on the strategy of the network. At the conference also representatives of all academic clusters and working groups take part to report on their activities and to present their aims for the coming year.

The outcome of 2016 is very positive. Not only is the number of initiatives still increasing. Also within the existing projects the cooperation has been considerably intensified. In addition, there have never been more mobile students and staff within the U4 network.

Translation Transformation 2016 smallThe third conference of the U4 Network 'Reverberations of Revolution: Polical upheaval seen from afar' in cooperation with the early career research group 'Multiple Modernities' took place in Göttingen from 23 to 25 June 2016.

The conference 'Translation and Transformation in the Age of Revolution' addressed the responses to radical political transformations in the 'Age of Revolution' in a transnational perspective. In recent years, the research on revolutions has become less Eurocentric, for they are considered in view of their connections with other places. The presentations focused on revolutionary events and narratives as relying on translators' ability to connect political pamphlets, witness accounts and other material with transnational cultural contexts.