IPTL 2019To share experiences and learn from each other are fundamental goals of all activities within the U4 network. In the tradition of these goals, the IPT&L-programme supports members of the U4 Universities to connect and better understand, how working in an international classroom (and beyond) can be enhanced.

Conducted as yearly event for teaching coordinators and curriculum developers this conference seeks to provide training on ‘what it takes to organize and act meaningful in a good degree programme’ from an international point of view. Organised as event that combines interdisciplinary perspectives via their didactical approaches, it invites scholars and programme coordinators, academic lecturers and consultants in international programmes to discuss their thoughts.

This years’ conference is titled 'From Theory to Practice. From Discussion to Cooperation' and invites all IPT&L-alumni as well as newly interested people to hand in their contributions.

What can be contributed – Topics and formats

We invite you to share your (scholarly) experience while working in international teaching & learning contexts, e.g. by

  • introducing good practice case examples
  • discussing regularly encountered challenges
  • presenting research data related to elements of the international classroom

Your experience can be included in the conference in the following formats

  • a short presentation
  • a poster
  • example in a round table discussion
  • example in a workshop session

How can I contribute this – Abstract and time information

Please hand in a short abstract on your contribution relating to these aspects:

  • title
  • short description (max. 200 words)
  • disciplinary context
  • keywords
  • preferred format

Deadline for submitting abstracts via http://doit.medfarm.uu.se/kurt13263 is the 31st of March 2019.

We are looking forward to your contributions!
Jaap Mulder (Groningen), Gijs Coucke (Ghent), Angelika Thielsch (Göttingen), and Geir Gunnlaugsson (Uppsala)

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