Thin film research has moved from simple oxide thin film materials towards thin films with a high chemical complexity and microstructure. This high level research asks for in-depth analysis tools and new deposition strategies in combination with simulations.

Since March 2013, the Spatial Ecology and Evolution group of Ghent University (TEREC, Prof. D. Bonte) and the Theoretical and Evolutionary Ecology group from the University of Groningen (CEES, prof. R. Etienne) have set up a collaboration jointly supervising two PhD students on a

The U4 study catalogue lists the joint programmes between two or more U4 institutions. The joint programmes are arranged by host (Ghent, Göttingen, Groningen, Uppsala) and by field of study (Economics, Humanities, Law, Life Sciences, Science and Technology, Social Sciences).

The following list contains European funded research and cooperation projects with two or more partners from the U4 network. Please click on the acronyms of the projects to find more information on the role of the U4 partners in these projects. You will also find the necessary contact details in

Summer and Winter Schools are organised by the U4 network all over Europe with the goal to promote students and young researchers. International students and scientists from Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics and Law, Medicine & Pharmacy and Science & Technology