The first aim of the U4 network is to build a framework for joint cooperation initiatives in the field of education, research and institutional management. The following joint projects are part of the cluster "Institutional Management":


As in other fields of cooperation the U4 network is an important motor for agenda-setting and enhancing knowhow for the individual U4 partners, who have different focuses and are at different speeds in setting up strategies to meet the global sustainability challenges. That is why the U4

In continuation of the 2010 and 2011 benchmarking / comparison exercises initiated by Ghent University, the U4 partners have engaged in setting up a rotating peer review cycle. Each of the partners alternately take the lead in preparing and hosting one of the following themes:

The U4 Academic Leadership programme is a training course for top-level executives in university management from one of our four co-operative universities. The programme allows university leaders (both from academia and administration) to strengthen their skills in leadership

The U4 Network intends to take account of the growing importance of research infrastructures at European universities by making strategic agreements and setting common goals in the area of university collections. With the Gustavianum in Uppsala, the envisaged Science Museum at

The focus of the U4 student network is on sharing knowledge regarding several forms of student participation.The focus of the U4 student network is on sharing knowledge regarding several forms of student participation at the respective partner institutions. The U4

The following list contains European funded research and cooperation projects with two or more partners from the U4 network. Please click on the acronyms of the projects to find more information on the role of the U4 partners in these projects. You will also find the necessary contact details in

In 2013 a new network of careers advisers for master students, PhD and postdoc researchers was created at a U4 meeting held at Ghent University. While career services for master students have been common practice for years, career services for the group of early stage researchers are

In recent years European universities have been striving to enhance their international profile by building strategic partnerships and thematic networks with one or several universities abroad. In most cases, their partner universities have an excellent reputation or possess a specific profile

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